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Music promotion is no longer as simple as it used to be. At the same time, it can be far more profitable. If you know what you are doing, you can get music distribution from some of the most popular services such as iTunes and Amazon MP3, enabling you to reach a global market and increase your earning potential. While playing live shows, throwing in the occasional cover track, and mastering your songs to perfection, are still necessary, they are no longer the beginning and end of getting the word out. Online tactics are essential for making the most out of your online audience.

There is one side of music artist promotion that has been coming up more and more recently so I want to discuss it in this article. What I’m talking about is the concept of local music promotion.

Be legit – create a band page. You should create one right away – URL and band name – and have your own musical digital footprint. Select the category ‘Arts, Entertainment and Sports’ and you’re all set.

Search online for an autoresponder service. Some are free but I find that the paid services are much better and are worth every penny for what you can get from them. The monthly costs are low and it makes your email list much easier to use during your promotion efforts.

So if you can work out what the 20% is then you can vastly decrease the amount of time you have to work towards your career each day and have even better results than you have ever had in the past.

Promo Tip #41 Be outrageous or controversial. Shock value can work, but it can backfire too. Can you maintain the image? It has worked for many, but was a disaster for many more. Think this tip out.

Promo Tip #12 Hand out your CDs (or demos). Have your web link printed on the CD. Include your band name and contact info as well. Remember, your name on the work is more important than the name of the work. Hand the CD to club owners that feature your type of music.

One may also think about the blog title, domain name, description and content. Here, one has to take your time in thinking about a catchy but relative domain name. It is very difficult to find the domain name wanting as most one, two and three word top level domain names.

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