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Fishing in Devon. Pop-ups are a very useful bait to have in your armoury against the elusive and wiry fish and can be used on allsorts of rigs, chod rigs, helicopter rigs etc.

Some new business people find it hard to settle on a single business idea because they are worried about missing out on new opportunities or narrowing their options too early on. But remember, even when you have started your business, it is possible to add new services or products, or even to begin a second or third business. You and your businesses will continue to grow and develop – so in selecting your first business idea you are not saying ‘no’ to other opportunities. However, to give your first business idea a really strong start you might need to put other ideas on hold for a while!

One of the nicest things about carp is the fact that the water they prefer to live in is either still or very slow moving. This is great news for your blood pressure, as the environment in which you’ll be fishing is likely to be very calm and tranquil. Pleasurable dwindling of many hours can be spent in this way, regardless of whether or not you actually catch anything. Many enthusiasts have found so great a pleasure in this pastime, that there is a niche market in carp Fischen in Ungarn which will cater for the professional or novice’s every need.

You can make your own pop ups from your very own boillie mix. When you have completed your mix, set some aside and add in a manufacturers, cork dust, pellet or ball. You will need a bit of trial an error experimentation on the quantities in the mix to achieve the buoyancy you require. Or try one of our self catering cottages and fishing centre mixes.

My final piece of advice would be don’t rush. I’ve been on eBay since the early days and it’s so easy to see something and think you have to buy it instantly because it looks like a once-in-a-lifetime bargain. Trust me, once-in-a-lifetime bargains are a regular occurrence on eBay!

Identify your competitors – how many of them are there, and how successful are they. Who is the lead player? Who is second? Find out as much as you can about them – collect brochures, leaflets and any other information you can. Test out their websites and call their enquiry service or visit their shop/office if it is open to the public. Analyse their service/product honestly and objectively. What are their strengths? What are their weaknesses?

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