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Contextual link building is one of the most important form of link building for a successful SEO campaign. These days all the major search engines love such type of links and give them priority over other forms of backlinks. Since they are more time consuming so most of the webmasters ignore them totally or make very less number of them.

If you outsource the SEO of your website to an agency, then they would need sometime to get to know your business and the way you work. This would take up sometime till the agency gets used to working with your company.

Make sure that your Long Island SEO company abides by the rules. Some may make an attempt to wow you through speedy results. On your part as the client, make certain they don’t resort to shortcuts like using loopholes that they could find in search engine algorithms. Major search engines like yahoo can detect such actions and could in turn ban your web site. Being mindful of this, select a firm that respects the guidelines of the search engines and does not use tactics which may affect your site’s credibility.

The Holy Grail is keywords that not only create clicks but that bring site visitors that engage with your site. This process is called “conversion.” This usage of the word is unique to the search community. It should be distinguished from the usual direct marketing meaning of this term which implies somebody took a desired action, identified themselves, signed up for something or actually bought something.

Control the number of outbound links on your pages and on pages where you place your links, avoid link-farms, links to gambling, pills, etc.If you want a rule, never link to other seo agencies in your country, only overseas. Only link to websites related to home improvement or SEO. Only link to websites that are ranked on the firsst 3 pages of the search engines.

On-page optimization. First of all, your site design and architecture must be search engine friendly. In other words, it should not consist of roadblocks that prevent search engine spiders from indexing your site. Some examples of potential roadblocks are flash, frames, JavaScript and excessive use of images. Place the most important keywords at the beginning of your Title tag. Also, keywords should be placed in Meta tags, Header tags and ALT tags.

As more backlinks are generated, your website will acquire a completely natural link profile which will make it an authority site. Google gives great respect to authority sites. Coupled with a large number of inbound links, your website will soon be ranking well in search engines. This will mean even more visibility for your website.

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