Three Important Car Maintenance Tips For First-Time Car Owners

Cars are big investments. And as the car owner, it is your duty to make sure that your car is always in its best condition. This isn’t only for the good of your car. But much of it is for your safety as well. Cars should be sent for preventive checkups every once in a while to ensure that it is on its prime condition all the time.

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There is no one there to tell you what to do. If you are starting a home business, you will have to do your own research and all the work. There are no other employees that will pick up the slack when you are sick. Did I mention no paid sick days either?

Also, working from home seems to be less stressful. Without having to put on airs, you can relax and get more work done at home than you can at an office.

Just walk more. Use the stairs instead of the elevator. If you’re going to watch t.v. watch it while you’re on the treadmill. In fact, you can do just about any kind of exercise while you’re watching television. My favorite t.v. time exercise is jumping on the my mini-trampoline. You get the entertainment of television, one of the great enjoyments of childhood, and exercise all in one.

Make it a point to check your rubber belts, too. These are located at the front of the engine and can deteriorate quickly in extreme conditions. To avoid trouble, inspect them from time to time for any signs of wear or tear. Replace them immediately if they are damaged. Inspect your timing belt and accessory drive belt every 25,000 miles and replace them every 50,000 miles.

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Three Important Car Maintenance Tips For First-Time Car Owners

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