Wedding Music – 10 Love Songs To Add To Your Playlist

It is possibly one of the worst rites of passage that you can experience as an adult. Your love affair is over, (it has been for a while) and you have gone through a period of mourning, possibly watched sad movies, listened to your favourite love songs. You have talked to your friends for hours and gone over your time together with your Ex in minute detail trying to find clues to what went wrong and what you could have done better.

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The song was banned on the BBC because of the “Christ” reference and also on some of the Bible belt radio stations in America thanks to the earlier controversy surrounding Lennon’s Jesus remark.

There are many reasons as to why couples break up. As to why so many break up during the winter months is an easy question to answer. It is basically because of the let down of all the holidays. We all have these illusions of what Christmas and New Year’s should be like for us. Many of these illusions will include our lovers. When they don’t meet up to our expectations, we don’t feel that they fulfill us. But many times they can’t live up to our expectations because they are too high. We watch too many sappy movies. We trap beats and we get illusions in our heads. Real people and real relationships can not always live up to the illusions we build.

Now sit back and relax…here is where you are going to change your life. I can 100% guarantee if you have an open mind and a willing heart that you can not only get “YOU” back, but you can become the person you were destined to be. We all have a purpose, we all all destined for something great NO MATTER HOW YOU ARE FEELING NOW.

Not only is this one of the most popular Beatles songs, it is one of the few not written by Lennon and/or McCartney. Something was George Harrison’s breakthrough song.

Your wife obviously may not be receptive to all these things, but if that’s the case, take it slowly. Begin by being more attentive to her needs and slowly work your way up to being closer physically. Just always remember that in a marriage it’s a very fine line between loving someone and being in love with them. You can pull her closer to you again. It’s very possible.

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Wedding Music – 10 Love Songs To Add To Your Playlist

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